Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey young thug the world is yours!!!

Ice Cube ft. Krazie Bone- Until We Rich

     The Link above is a link to a song that as adolescence i used to hear a lot. i mean i played this song at least 20 times a day. reason being my ipod whoa i mean my mp3 player that could only hold 254 Mb. Really that mp3 was shared my cousin's Pedro @passdapedro and Jarim @jarimf24 , but thats not the point. I mean I REALLY listen to that song since it never left the ipod ugh i mean mp3. 
     I remember listening to that song first when i was in elementary school. I would ride the bus to Loma Portal Elementary School located in Point Loma in San Diego, CA. 
     As a child i would rarely get to listen to other music besides church music. It was a real treat if the particular hymn i was lisening to had any instruments. i was so out of whack with music at one point i liked an Aaron Carter CD. No offence but there was better music out at the time its all I'm saying. When I would listen to rap its like it spoke to me. I identified with rappers. i never saw there music videos i Wonder if that would of changed how i feel about rap? 
     Anyways my point is i still play this song and it still speaks to me till this day. I get it,  you know the message. Until we rich- THE MESSAGE: To get what we don't got; the struggle it don't stop, until we drop! 

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